Megestrol the Mighty

About four weeks ago I was in pretty bad shape. A lot of things were happening but one of my chief concerns was the lack of food and water I was getting into my body. As you may or may not know, chemo as well as the cancer itself, will tend to take your appetite away. For me this was a big deal. I love food! And during this particular phase of my illness I got nauseous even thinking about eating anything. I wound up dropping down to 141 lbs. , very weak and sick, and had to take two trips to the ER just to get some liquids in me.

In the meantime, I had been taking a drug my doctor prescribed to me for a couple of weeks called Megestrol. It was supposed to help bring your appetite back. Having a name like that of a Transformer I was expecting some serious turnaround soon. Well the stuff didn’t really start affecting my eating habits until about three weeks down the road. Oh but when it did…… Now I am eating everything in sight. During the two weeks that I was off chemo at Christmas, I gained a whopping 20 pounds! Even after my two latest chemo sessions I am still eating and gaining. I’ve told my wife that no one is going to believe I have cancer with the weight I’m putting on. Now I’m gonna have to go on a diet. Sheesh! And it’s not necessarily that I stay hungry, it’s just that when I see food I want to eat it. No matter what it is. So now it’s time to start in with the self discipline and begin eating what’s good and healthy and less of the terrible trifecta of Lays potato chips, peanut butter M&M’s, and mom’s chocolate oatmeal cookies.

To sum up, if you are having problems with eating, talk to your doctor about Megestrol . I’ve read where it began helping people get back their appetite within a few days of taking it. It did take me however about three weeks. It really does work.

“I am not a glutton- I am an explorer of food!”
– Erma Bombeck

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”
― Julia Child

3 Responses to “Megestrol the Mighty”

  1. Jeannie Thomas Says:

    Thanks for this blog Scott. You are in my thoughs constantly, and this is giving information about things that I don’t necessarily want to “ask”. I love you and Brenda and your sense of humor and attitude make me ashamed of how I deal with my little problems of life. Keep up the blog, keep your head up, and know you are loved and prayed for by people that you may not see every day, but love and think about you nonetheless. Your friend!

  2. Jay Mabry Says:

    Thanks Iron Man Scott, for sharing your journey. Still have you in my thoughts and prayers. Good Luck and Remember YOU GOT THIS.

  3. carlybrowninnyc Says:

    “I’m growing in front of you!” – Julia Child 🙂

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